Klosteret Mat & Vinhus

Klosteret Mat & Vinhus is our “Chambree Separee” in Nordnes Bydelshus. Klosteret 2.

Min parties of 20 persons.

In July, Klosteret is closed.


Menu 1
Milk poached halibut with parsnips, spinach oil, roasted hazelnuts and herbs.
Gourmet veal with veal sauce, small potatoes, sautéed oyster mushroom and spring onion
Jørns yogurt panna cotta, sea buckthorn and raspberry
645, –


Menu 2
King crab with wild onion aioli, salmon roe, pickled red onion and sprouts.
Rosemary baked lamb shank with port wine syrup, potato puree and sautéed root vegetables.
Light and dark chocolate mousse flavored with espresso and orange
645, –


Menu 3
Santa Kristina ham with cheese from Fana, summer honey and roasted nuts.
Hardanger trout with creamy lime sauce, smoked nuts and green asparagus.
Hardanger plums with cream cheese and crispy crunch.
645, –


Tapas buffet with 10 different tapas
Mussels in herbs, meatballs in tomato sauce, bbq ribs,  lemon and thyme chicken, shrimps,
dates in bacon, serrano ham, tomato salad with marinated olives and salad cheese, marinated trout with red onion and pine nuts,
salad, mustard cheese, tzatziki, aioli and homemade focacchia
525, –

Dessert buffet with coffee
145, –

Norwegian “Koldtbord”
Roast beef, ham, chicken, shrimp, smoked trout, cured ham, “fenalår” cured lamb, waldorf salad, potato salad, tomato salad, green salad, scrambled eggs,
fresh fruits, mayonnaise, crispy onions and home-baked bread
490, –

Cake buffet with coffee
145, –

Seafood buffet
695, –

Day meeting rooms with coffee, fruit, lunch
365, – (minimum 20 people)

Max 45 people in one room.

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