Klostergaten 8, 5005 Bergen, Norway
Phone: +47 55 23 01 15
Fax: +47 55 90 03 87


Ingvild S Bøge runs and owns Spisekroken at Klosteret in Bergen. She completed her training to become chef in 1991. Thereafter she gathered experience from various Bergen restaurants as well as two years in Greece before opening Spisekroken in 1996.

For 22 years now, Spisekroken has been one of Bergens most popular restaurants.

For the duration of 2003, she was appointed chef for the farmers’ association, and was given the task of developing new dishes with veal.

Her cook book can be bought in the restaurant.

Amongst Spisekrokens most popular dishes are gourmet veal and babygoat. Our guests are a combination of loyal regulars and happy visitors who happen to come by the restaurant.